Saturday, November 29, 2008

And so another Thanksgiving is flushed

Pooky and I have gotten wise in our years. We either get invited to a dinner, or if we must cook, we keep it simple. Enter the beef tenderloin. It cooks in about an hour and tastes like heaven! Our spread did not include green bean casserole. My favorite, but not Pooky's. We had sweet potatoes and corn. The roast mooed it was so rare.

And I gave thanks for 6 kitties and a Pooky.

We debated going to the early bird sale at Wally World. For all of 5 minutes. It is a good thing we didn't. We could have lost life or limb. People lose their senses with these early bird deals. Its like starving a tiger and then tossing out scraps of meat. I wonder if those most vicious in these mobs are the same who get irrate about the secular commercialism trampling Jesus (the reason for the season), and insist on "Merry Christmas", not "Happy Holidays"?

Well, our venture into Black Friday was much better than we feared. We ventured forth at 10 am to buy DVDs at loss leader prices. The throng of folk was steady, but not swarming. Our big ticket items we bought online--all from the ease and comfort of the recliner. We still will go out shopping at my favorite store, A Southern Season, to get some gifts.

And so another Thanksgiving eaten and flushed.

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