Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The carbonara experiment

I got some panchetta and Romano and parmesan cheeses. It was just a matter of boiling the pasta, and tossing, mixing, and doing so without scrambling the eggs.

Pooky doesn't like pasta--long noodles in red sauce. When I said this pasta has bacon he was willing to try it.

My tossing skills proved effective: the eggs and cheese formed a sauce. Scrambled eggs avoided!

I plated a sample for Pooky. He took a bite and kept eating! I think the bacon made the difference. Italian bacon is a little different than our version. It was a very rich and tasty. Both the bacon and the carbonara.

I will need to tweak the egg to cheese to pasta ratio. If you want to stop by and help me eat my mistakes, just let me know!

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