Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Musings of an Ambien Mind

I saw organic turkeys in a local grocery store selling for $50. Now, an organic bird has no artificial "stuff", so shouldn't it cost less? Not to worry. We're having beef tenderloin for our meal.

I should get my LMFTA by the end of the year! It's about time!

I want to make carbonara. It seems like a challenge. I like a culinary standard that has a challenge. I think sometimes I should have gone to culinary school. Only I knew I'd not survive the long work hours.

Our local pizzeria does have gyros on the menu! I'm in meep heaven! (Meep is my word for the beef/lamb meat in a gyro.)

Everything tastes better with bacon.

Any day now, I should get my prize money from the fair. It will promptly be used to buy thread.

My laptop died so I use my iPod Touch. It is real slow for typing. I'm using it now. It took me 5 minutes to type that last sentence.

Pooky came up with the land where Smee comes from. It is called Smee Lanka.

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