Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brace of Dogs

Wilson touts a world famous hot dog eatery known as Dick's that has been in business since 1921. The standard dog is dressed with mustard, onions, and chili. A cheese dog comes with all of that, plus cheese. Upon request, slaw and ketchup can be added.

I miss a good hot dog stand. In Pennsylvania, there was the hop, skip and jump to Hot Dog Johnny's. In Washington there was that place out in Aberdeen (when they deemed to be open). Here we have a southern style dog that has its own unique flavor, one that sates my hot dog needs. Oh, yes--there are times where the need for a good dog riddles through me and I have no choice but to become a pilgrim to this higher power.

Yesterday was the day we re-visited Dick's. I tried both regular and cheesed versions, without the mustard. Mustard is an evil condiment. I'm not usually fond of chili on a dog, but thought I should try it to see what is considered famous.

The chili is not saucy, nor greasy. It is a lightly flavored meat with seasonings. The hot dog has a smoky taste, reminding me of a cheaper type of nitrated frank. The dog and chili combination melded together to make the bun become "creamy". Over all, the tastes were delicious and worthy of praise in its own right. My favorite dogs still come from Hot Dog Johnny's, but considering that is hundreds of miles away, Dick's will do and is just around the corner.

My one lament about Dick's is they do not have unsweet tea! Yet, they do put slaw on their dogs, so next time I'll try a slaw dog with chili and onions. I learned that my stomach can only synthesize one dog at a time. These dogs pack a processed food wallop, and I spent the rest of the day feeling funky. One thing is certain: the taste is good enough to have kept them around for 87 years and counting.
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