Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

From Mama Dip's

The back story: In July, an ovarian cyst was found during a CT scan to check for an intestinal obstruction. The cyst has been watched since then. It hasn't presented with any pain until about two weeks ago. I called my gyn on Monday and I was seen the following day. Not only was the big cyst still there, but a second hemorrhagic cyst had developed. The gyn said she didn't want to deal with my case, being I have an ileostomy and all, so she referred me out to a tertiary care doctor at Duke University.

Yesterday we ventured forth to the Durham area to have the gyn check me out. But before that, we stopped at Mama Dip's. I've been wanting to try Mama Dip's culinary offerings for almost a year. The promise of fried green tomatoes on the menu is the primary impetus for my desiring to sample Mama's comfort food goodness.

The last time I have fried green tomatoes was at least eight or more years ago, back when I could grow my own tomatoes. That's how I came to enjoy this southern taste treat.

How Mama Dip's did not disappoint! The tomatoes were perfect! I was humming with taste bud bliss! My entree was the chicken fried steak. I almost cried with glee at how soft, tender, and perfectly crunchy the steak was prepared. I never knew a chicken fried steak could be moist and tender. Pooky said his fried okra was cooked to perfection as well.

So, the outcome of our main reason for venturing west was to see the gyn. He said he'd like to try me on progesterone for a month to see if that will do the trick to shrink down the cysts. If that doesn't work, he'll consider removing them.

Just how much cyst do I have? The combined pair is about 12 cm, or a little more than 4.5 inches. He said that is pretty big, and that most women would have been complaining awhile back. I said I only know bowel pain, so unless it has me keeled over and writhing, I don't consider it serious.

Oh, and he said if either rupture, then I'll be keeled over with the writhing. Either rupturing is not a good thing. Lots of fluid going into the abdomen, that kind of thing. Now, how am I to relax knowing that these things could blow, but that it is fairly unlikely that they will? Frankly, I'm on edge that they will explode when I'm far from home, or during the holidays.

I am thinking positively. In fact, I am thinking about more fried green tomatoes. If I think about how yummy those tomatoes tasted, I may just keep those cysts from bursting.

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