Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Was Lost, Then Found

From Sheep Across the East Coast

Over the weekend we went north to visit Pooky's family. Along the way, we decided we'd stop at Cabela's for some photo opps, and check out the largest store. We had previously stumbled upon the world headquarters, and we didn't go inside that store. We found out we missed out on an elongated penny, so not wanting to repeat our mistake, we decided we could get the one at the Hamburg store.

The store was packed with outdoor and hunter enthusiasts. Too many! I took Sheep inside for photos. As we made our way through the mob, I suddenly realized I had lost Sheep! I was distraught! Sheep has been across the country twice, has been in danger, but never lost! To die at a mega-store would be undignified.

We spent an hour looking for him, asking clerks if they had seen him, or if he had been turned into lost and found. We left our name with the customer service desk. With tears and despair, we parted with hopes that Sheep would be found and safely returned.

Sunday morning came and I found the store's number and asked Pooky to call. He went into the other room. He came out into the room wearing no emotion. I asked, "Well?" He announced that Sheep had been found! He was going to retrieve Sheep that very moment. I said I should go along to apologize to Sheep for my carelessness.

Sheep was found by the cleaning crew during the night and that was all we knew. Sheep is far too precious to us. He has a lot of history for a little Sheep.

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