Friday, December 26, 2008

It's all about the eating of food

As I've gotten older, the holiday has shifted from being about gifts (toys and bobbles) to food. Holiday cooking is extra special. It's time to bring out the full arsenal of flavor, the roasting pans, traditional recipes, and grow two to three additional stomachs to be able to ingest everything and not feel miserable.

This year I've done fairly well in not baking cookies, treats, and calorie loaded holiday goodies. I broke down and did make a cream cheese ball for Christmas Eve dinner. It contains three ingredients and one of them is bacon. Bacon always seems to work itself into the food somehow.

I've been resistant to making us a big holiday dinner; it is simply too much food for two people, and I'm not a big leftovers eater. My plan was to make pastitso (Greek lasagna), the delicious casserole I discovered at the Broadway Diner in Baltimore.

Just days before the bid day, my brother invited us down to spend the day with him. He said he'd have a full spread, and I offered to still make and bring the lasagna. He gave the green light for the lasagna to be included.

The pastitso is to die for! It contains 9 eggs, one and a half cups of parmesan cheese, and 10 tablespoons of butter, plus pasta, ground beef, etc. As delicious as it is, it is very rich and I can only eat a small piece before I feel my heart seizing.

The cats were given Christmas tuna, too. It's regular tuna, only I call it Christmas tuna so they will feel included in the specialness of the holiday.

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