Friday, December 12, 2008

New laptop, lots of joy

Black Friday feels like a long way off. And it was a couple of weeks before that when my laptop died. Today joy returned with a brand-new laptop full of bells and whistles. Check out the cool webcam that made a gratuitous feline video of Smee, and the swanky Vista software added the titles.

I even have a slot for my digital camera media! OMG! It's all I can do to keep from wetting myself! I've not had a computer be so technologically advanced. Now everyone can enjoy Smee.

Did you get hungry seeing that deep-fried turkey picture? The story is, my BIL and SIL bought a huge fryer because they like wings and things. The fryer is a counter top kind so no risk of fires. The turkey was injected with a marinade and cooked perfectly. Gosh, I didn't know that a bird would be so tasty prepared this way. As good or better as the rotisserie.

On our way back from Pennsylvania, we stopped at the Broadway Diner in Baltimore. Please, if you live anywhere near Baltimore, go eat there already! Pictures to come. Must upload them. Prepare for Greek cuisine goodness.

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Sara said...

smee is sooo precious. excellent meatloaf form.