Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Peppers

Sometimes I misread things on reader board signs. Like the time I thought a bank was giving out FREE CHICKEN instead of FREE CHECKING. I have had my eyes checked. I see clearly, but my brain processes the letters/words strangely. Could be the early signs of some brain wasting disease.

Well, yesterday as we drove through fast food restaurant row, the sign for Chick-Fil-A was touting SANTA PEPPERS CHICKEN SANDWICHES. I asked Pooky, "What are Santa Peppers? Are they red and white? Extra sweet or hot? Just what are Santa Peppers?!?!?" He looked at the sign and said I should get my eyes checked again. It actually said "SANTA PRAFFERS CHICKEN SANDWICHES". (Note: Preferred was truly spelled with an "A")

All is well in Smee Lanka, the mystical land where Pooky and I live with the six beasties. I have fallen prey to the Sims! Oh, how I have sworn never to be sucked into the gaming world! How I mocked and laughed those who wasted away before their computers creating little people and cities, allowing real life to pass by. Now I must point my bony finger of shame at myself, for I have become one of those wasting people. I chirped with glee when my Romantic themed city was upgraded to cobblestone streets and gas light lamp posts. Do I know this person who exclaimed this accomplishment?

I shall be saved by penguins. I received a Pajama-Gram from my sister. The irony of it is I'd see the commercial and coo at Pooky, "I need a pajama-gram!" and he'd say how warm we already are. I require soft clothing and penguins. My sister understands this and psychically knew that this was exactly what I needed.

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Sara said...

Those are the greatest jammies evar!