Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter scares me

We actually awoke as planned and were on the road by 6 am to head north to Pennsylvania to visit Pooky's family. There was an adventure in the Hamburg Cabela's that will be blogged later. Anyhow, shortly after we settled in for the night, the snow came.

Yes, snow. I shutter just typing that word. With a wind chill. Pooky asked me, "Do you miss the snow?" Heavens! I can hardly wait to fly south and get warmed up.

I miss the kitteh babies like crazy! I just know Smee is suffering. Mr. Doo is dying because there was no tuna this morning!

Tonight we'll have deep fried turkey. I will take plenty of pictures. On the way home we'll stop at the Broadway Diner in Baltimore. The reason being is I saw it on the Food Network with Guy Fieri, and it looked like good food. So I'll take plenty of pics and post later.

Oh, and the new laptop was shipped--all the way from China! I should arrive on the 10th. Yeah!

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