Friday, January 2, 2009

I Can Never Be Single Now

I completed this doily, Alinda, on the 31st, making it my 19th doily of the year, and it is the 59th doily completed from my self-imposed PK Doily Challenge. As I placed it inside of my doily drawer, I commented to Pooky that my sex appeal is now at zero. The reason being: I have too many doilies and cats. These are not big on the sexy scale, and may actually plunge me into a negative score. Pooky must be made immortal to spare me a life of widowhood.

If I told the truth about myself in a personal ad, my penchant for doilies and cats, I may as well have that condition where my body odor smells like fish. In fact, having that condition (the fishy smell) would no doubt make me more desirable to cats.

There are other reasons for making Pooky immortal, and I shared them with him. He helps me determine what secret ingredients are missing from any sauce I make. He eats any mistakes I make while cooking. He puts the toilet seat down. He is cuddly. He helps me decide upon doily patterns. He likes kitties, and does not like dogs at all. Plus, he has no fishy odor whatsoever.

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