Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Feel My Heart Seizing

Recently I learned about the pâte of the south: pimiento cheese. It's basically three ingredients: diced pimiento peppers, mayonnaise, and sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese. Mix these together and eat on bread or crackers.

In my research of this simple spread, I learned that I should use Duke's mayo, because it does not contain sugar, and will make the cheese more authentically southern tasting. It seems that some food process the cheese and mayo to make a paste, but I like texture so I grated the cheese. I used a sharp cheese because I was afraid of extra sharp. I bought store brand cheese because this was an experiment. I'd really like to use Tillamook cheddar, but that will have to wait.

After mixing it all together, I looked at it and was scared to try it. So I called over my official tasting kitchen helper, Pooky. He is not big on the mayo/cheese front, but he immediately proclaimed: Oh, that's good!

I couldn't resist any longer, and I was blown away! It's rich, creamy, and fully loaded with fatty good flavor. I can't imagine that a commercially made pimiento cheese would taste as good. The Duke's mayo does taste a little different. It has a tang to it, and with the tang of the sharp cheese, it becomes a wonderful meld of goodness.

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