Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the south?

We came to the south to escape the snow, but the snow falls briskly as I type. Snow isn't uncommon, but uncommon enough to make everyone freak out. It was just six months ago that the temperatures were a lovely 99 degrees. Sweet memories!

ETA: I read in the local paper the last time it snowed here was in 2004. My, aren't we lucky?

Yesterday I learned about another southern comfort food, simply known as pimiento cheese. Fondly referred to as the pate of the south, it is a blend of sharp cheddar cheese, pimiento, and mayonnaise with optional finely chopped onion and tobasco sauce. Add bacon for a Paula Deen effect. Spread it on crackers or make crustless sandwiches.

I also learned that I should be using Duke's mayonnaise because it is made in the south.

Surprisingly, Pooky says that the pimiento cheese sounds tasty enough to try. He isn't a big mayo fan, but when I said that bacon can be added, he perked up. I guess I'll try making some next time we go grocery shopping.

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DixieRedHead said...

we even saw snow "flakes" all the way down here. amazing huh?

Pimento cheese. ugh. Let me know how that goes. I have never understood that. Nor, do I eat mayo. Am I really southern born & bread? I don't even drink sweet tea. I'm off to question my beliefs and work on momentous occassionnow..... :-)