Thursday, January 29, 2009

When my reasoning stops, I'll be in trouble

The evil ovarian cyst has been making itself known. Acute stabbing attacks that pop up. Just as I'm about to say out loud to Pooky, "There she blows!" the pain ends as quickly as it began.

I shared with Pooky one of my scary thoughts. I told him about the day I learned there is a syndrome named Capgras syndrome in which the sufferer believes that their spouse or loved ones have been replaced by imposters. I think this sometimes, but what keeps me from thinking it is true is a little voice of reason that kicks in. My scary thought is what happens on the day when my reasoning voice fails to kick in?

He seemed rather nonchalant about my confession. When I pressed him for a response, he said he'd still love me. That's when I know he had been replaced with a fake Pooky! LOL!

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