Friday, November 13, 2009

Sometimes I dream of foreign words

I was dreaming this morning of some weird stuff, like I was part of this group that had gathered for some reason, and in this group was an elder woman who held a lot of power. I went to her and asked her to help me vanquish my enemy, and that I was willing to assume the karmic debt. She asked me how much debt did I think the deed I wanted to perform would be worth. Not much, I replied, but I was willing to take it on.

So she assisted me in my request, which of course used a lot of old magical powers. It was through the process of sharing energies that I realized she was something more to me, not exactly a mentor--more like one of many guides. I proclaimed to her that I knew our connection, and she acknowledged the same. I asked her what is her name, and she said something like, I have no name, you name me.

I then said after an instant epiphany that her name is Kenai/Kinai. She nodded yes. I said, somehow knowing, that she was Inuit. She nodded yes. I kept repeating her name, so I could remember it.

Curiously, I looked up the word to see if it has any meaning. It's the name of a town in Alaska, and it is an Inuit word meaning "black bear".

Having a dream like this makes me wonder that not all dreams are merely subconscious processing of the day's activities, but perhaps sometimes seep over into the collective unconscious. I've never had an interest in Alaska, nor the Inuits. Perhaps now I should take a look.

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