Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Signature Dish

I developed Pear Marinated Chicken from two different recipes around the summer of 2003. The chicken is marinated in a mixture of pear vinegar, mustard, oil, and seasonings. Pear halves are grilled after being brushed with a glaze made of honey, Asian sauces, and shallots. The grilled chicken is finished off with a light sprinkling of crumbled blue or gorgonzola cheese.

The perfect bite is a little bit of chicken, pear, and cheese. Not just for the flavors, but for the textures.

While lasting enjoying this meal, I pondered how to add just a touch of bacon-y goodness without overwhelming. Perhaps what might make that work is to turn the chicken into a sandwich filet, turn the halves into slices, add the cheese as usual, and include the bacon as small crispy bits. Pooky masterfully suggested a good quality applewood smoked bacon. Indeed, this would be my first choice, too.

Pooky took it a step further and remarked that the pear, cheese, and bacon combination would work well for a hamburger topping. That will be something I experiment with as well.

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Micky said...

Hi how are you? Saw a comment from you on Monster Crochet and thought I'd pop over to see what was up.