Friday, April 2, 2010

A Tale of Two Vinegars

I saw pears at the grocery store the other day, so I thought of making my signature Pear Marinated Chicken dish. I checked my pantry and discovered I had used all of the pear vinegar I had, so today I ventured forth to find some. I was hoping to purchase this pear vinegar. I've used it many times before with good results, and the price is reasonable. I could acquire this vinegar at Whole Foods. It just so happens there are many Whole Foods stores in this area (which speaks to the affluence of the local demographic). Plus, there is the gourmet store I fondly call "The Southern Comfort Store".

Whole Foods didn't have the brand I was used to, so I opted to try the only pear vinegar they carried, which is a "pear infused" vinegar. Being that the gourmet store is literally around the corner, I popped in to see what pear vinegars they carried. I opted for one that was "Anjou Pear" since the pears I purchased for the dish are anjou pears.

What kind of flavor difference would there be between these two vinegars? Would the cheaper one (the pear infused) at $5 be better than the pear juice at $9? As soon as I got home I opened the bottles and did the definitive taste-test. The pear infused vinegar had a sharp tang that lingered into a very subtle sweet after taste. This vinegar tasted more grape than pear, but had a good acidic tang. The pear juice vinegar was very sweet and fruity, with it tasting more like a liqueur than a vinegar. There was also another strong taste of "something" and I discovered it was vanilla. The pear juice vinegar had very little tang, but a lot of bold flavor. The pear infused had a lot of tang, but not much else.

I then experimented with blending the two. Two parts of the sweet to one part of the tang captures the best of both vinegars. The final test will be to make up the marinade and grill up some chicken, which will happen this weekend.

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Sandra La Knitalian said...

Alessi is our brand of choice, their pasta sauces ROCK! I am your newest follower, you just won my heart with your dishes as well as your doilies! ♥♥♥