Friday, July 23, 2010

The Cochran

Pointy iron projections that look like a Medieval torture device! What the heck is this?

These sinister looking nubs are found on the under-side of the lid of my new culinary entourage! I acquired a 5 qt. Lodge cast iron pot for the purpose of deep fat frying. The bumps act as a continuous self-basting device. The Lodge brand features these bumps and so does Staub. Le Creuset does not.

The pot comes pre-seasoned. Not that I don't mind the seasoning process. I opted for the Lodge brand because...I have two other pieces. I'm highly abusive to them and they only seem to get better. The price of Lodge is affordable. I got this pot for $35.

I decided that since Le Creuset translates to mean "The Crucible", I shall keep in that spirit and call this one The Cochran. This comes from the Pyrdain Chronicles, the official name of The Black Cauldron. Cooking is a lot like doing chemistry--or as I think to think of it, conjuring magic.

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