Friday, July 23, 2010

My Fake Shake Shack

Thanks to the great Internet, I have been able to replicate an accurate copy-cat of the famous Shake Shack cheeseburger. How did I pull this off? First, I watched this video featuring the tips and techniques of the blogosphere's burger guru, Kenji Lopez-Alt.

I chopped my meat a lot longer than Kenji does in the video. I'm wiling to sacrifice a little tenderness for non-clumpy meat. My food processor is only a two-cup cheap appliance with a single blade. I used country style ribs (boneless beef chuck) and sirloin tip steaks, with silver skin removed. I looked for very marbled cuts. I'm not sure if these were the right cuts to use, but I didn't feel like going to a real meat store.

As for other ingredients, I got sliced American cheese from the deli counter, green leaf lettuce, potato rolls, and squirt bottle (for easier application of the fake Shake Shack sauce). How I'd copy-cat the sauce? Someone reversed engineered the sauce and posted the recipe. It's like any standard "goop" available in the Northwest. On the east coast, goop is a strange, alien condiment, but seems to be catching on.

After I chopped the meat, I was concerned that it felt too dry, not enough fatty feel, and absence of juice (which is blood). I seasoned the meat, slapped it into my sizzling hot cast iron pan, and hoped for the best. I think because the meat was not very fatty, it didn't form the ideal crust. I was skeptical, but plated my first two patties and presented them to Pooky. I quickly fried up my serving, and joined him at the table.

My expectation was to chomp into a dried, flavorless puck. I about fell over when I was greeted with a burst of juice, flavor, and sublime salt-creamy beefy goodness that is Shake Shack. The center was rare, but I don't mind that. By the time I finished my burger, I was overwhelmed with burger-y goodness.

The burger gods would be pleased!

Some burger pr0n

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