Friday, September 17, 2010

Baked Doughnuts

Baked doughnut goodness

I like doughnuts, especially chocolate glazed ones. As it is with all good-tasting foods, a good chocolate glazed doughnut contains a week's supply of calories and fat. Though I typically don't care too much about those evils, I'd like to make a good tasting baked doughnut. The idea of a baked doughnut intrigues me, and seems like a good baking challenge.

The recipe I used was from the doughnut pan I bought at Sur La Table. I may have made the batter too thin, as I ended up with more doughnuts than the recipe said I'd yield. So, taking that into consideration, it may be that I've got some tweaking ahead of me. Also, I tried to find the level in which each well was the standard two-thirds full. Why don't they make a mark inside the well indicating the two-thirds mark? It would be so nice!

My result was tasty, but far from being like a doughnut. I think I need to make a denser batter, more on the order of a muffin or scone. Thus, my doughnut baking adventure is just beginning. I'm not too heart-broken that we may have to eat the experiments along the way.