Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Powers That (Mr.) B

Last night, The Powers That Be worked mysteriously through Mr. B. (He is the guilty-looking solid black cat in the photo to the left.) I was working on my latest design, trying to solve a particular dilemma. Pooky had gone to bed, so Mr. B took the opportunity to fill the vacant space next to me. He normally flops down and enters into a deep kitty sleep coma, and last night was no exception.

I have been working on a particular design issue every day for the last week or so. Trial and error, thinking, over-thinking, even trying to simplifying the problem was not producing the effect I was after. I was starting to think that the best thing I could do was start over, but I was determined not to scrap what I had already accomplished.

I was starting to arrive at a breakthrough when I noticed one of the threads lost all tension. What happened?!?!?! I pulled up the end of the thread and saw that it traced back to Mr. B. He looked up at me rather innocently, and there in his paws and mouth was the rest of the thread. I had been concentrating so much I failed to notice he was enticed by the thread!

As I hurriedly scooped up the other threads to keep them from a similar fate, I realized that The Powers That Be might possibly working through Mr. B. I saw the chomped thread as a sign. I had been denying the option of scrapping and starting over. The severed thread helped me accept that sometimes in the design process the way to make progress/breakthrough is to make the cut, wipe the slate clean, and re-start from the very beginning.

Now, if only Mr. B or any of the other cats could be intentional design assistants, I'd be very happy!

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