Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Together

As I've gotten older, and hopefully wiser, I have wanted to engage more in political-community activities and groups, yet not entirely sure where to direct my energy. After spending much time reading about Occupy Wall Street, and the spin-off local groups through Occupy Together, I decided it was a group I wanted to check out and become a part of.

Through my own trials by fire, I've learned that I can be insanely insistent, demanding, and forceful in why I think someone should get involved, going so far as to cut people out of my life for disagreement. I have found that such tactics create barriers, resistance, alienation, and kill relationships. My wisdom from all of this is if something is truly a good idea, people will find out for themselves by example--living what I believe, and hearing by word-of-mouth the positive experiences someone has had. Which is why I'm about to share the pictures I took and let some of that do the talking. I've also been collecting other people's words that I have read from reader's comments to articles about the original Occupy Wall Street and want to share them because this is not about what I think per se, but what we all think, because this groups is about us. (I highly recommend reading this editorial.)

Hopefully, what I've shared here will pique your interest and you'll want to learn more, maybe even get involved. Everyone is welcome, everyone truly matters, has something to contribute, because we're all in this together. Additional pictures are available for viewing in this album.

Freedomny writes: I pray that this movement does not get bought and sold. It is not about Democrats. It is not about Republican­s. It is about AMERICANS! I personally feel that if this movement is not co-opted - it will grow in the organic way it should. The criticism that there is not "one" or "two" demands is because MSM, corporatio­ns and our government­...just don't "get" it. This is a cultural and social shift of what democracy really is. People are finally questionni­ng...what is democracy? What does it mean to me? What is my part? Why does such a small percent of the majority dictate the vision for the rest of us? But...what about MY vision? About OUR vision? The 99%. The majority.

I am proud that my fellow Americans are fighting for real democracy. And I will join them when I can. And if the unions want to join in and support...­that is great. But it doesn't mean this movement will totally support­cause there are definately issues with unions. Pension costs are killing the average American, that doesn't get those benefits and pensions.

And unions lobby and buy off Democrats in the the same way that coporation­s buy off Republican­s for votes. There is no lobbyist for the average American. So, think of OWS as a lobbyist for you...and they aren't paying off a politician­. I am a banker and I support OWS and "ethical" capitalism­.

annenigma writes: No, they're not listening to the voters at all, or we wouldn't need to take to the streets. Heck, they're not even listening to their own words, those promises they ran on then serially broke. The only ones they listen to are their fellow millionaires, crooks and liars all.

Anyone who claims that protesters want the 'government' to fix things is wrong, wrong, wrong! They created this mess, they sure aren't the ones to fix it, because the fix is in. The entire system is CORRUPT. What we are saying is that we need to take out the trash. Start over completely.

We are on the streets because VOTING IS MEANINGLESS! It's an empty exercise encouraged to make us feel invested in the system so we'll donate to campaigns and keep paying taxes. Money, money, money. They need it so they can keep sending us into endless wars to kill and die for war profiteering corporations. For money, money, money.

We have no elected representation, period. Even in jury trials you get a jury of your peers, but we get Millionaires representing us?

We have even more justification for another Revolution than the first time around, and by golly, we've got one started right now. Finally.

Les Dryer writes: The middle-aged, middle class has watched in silence as the Repubs and then the Dems stripped them of their modest assets,health and education. They have aided and abetted the wealthy and their institutions. Finally the young, facing a lifetime of under-employment, have seized the discontent. It is in all our interests (the 99%) to support them. Their demands are obvious and well articulated, just the media needs to relay the message correctly. "Protestors Against Wall St" editorial got it right,finally.

Richard Williamson writes: One sign said it all: "I couldn't afford a politician, so I made this sign." Representation in Congress is for sale, and we don't have enough money to enter the bidding. (Even though our taxes provide the lawmakers' base pay).

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Rev Kari said...

I try to be openminded about everything, life is too short to lock yourself into one viewpoint.
It's good, even if you don't agree to at least give it a shot at understanding where someone is coming from. All too often we say "this is right because I was told or heard or read (etc) and so everythng else is wrong".

frankly, I think a lot of the sentiment expressed in the occupy movement is being expressed in all walks of life and across party lines. We're all fed up, we're all tired of being ignored by our gov. We're tired of the corruption and of the cronisim(not sure I spelled that right) when it comes to gov and businesses, no matter who is in charge, repub or dem.
I have quite a few fb friends who are supporting the occupy movements and a few against so I am getting a broad view.
I just wonder how it will go... it's fascinating.