Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Time for a Change: Patience

Waiting for Spring
My mood today is one of languishing, impatience, and ready for change in the arrival of Spring. It is well-known among dedicated feline workers that cats are the masters of languishing and suffering. Slinky serves as my photographic example. A cat will demonstrate their level of languishing-suffering when they want to be fed by collapsing near the food dish and appear to be dying.

Being a mere human my ability to demonstrate languishing-suffering takes on a much different form. Instead of collapsing on the floor near where I eat, I collapse on the couch where I bemoan my mood on this blog.

Spring is coming for the daffodils are in bloom and the robins are in the yard pecking away at the ground. I've been serenaded by loud bird songs throughout the day. It's just a matter of time for the trees and the temperature to catch up with the shift in seasons, and for me to find my patience for the whole process.

Slinking is languishing
Is it Spring yet?

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~Must Love Dogs~ said...

Oh yes spring...bring it on! Love the shots you got of the cats...perfect!