Monday, August 19, 2013

The Quest Continues: Johnson's Drive-In

Pooky and I continued on our Quest to find and eat the perfect cheeseburger this past Saturday. Our destination was Johnson's Drive-In located in Siler City. My quest for the perfect cheeseburger was inspired by burger joints like Johnson's: they've been around a very long time, the interior hasn't changed since opening nor has the menu, and it abounds in non-replicable uniqueness both in food and decor.

During our visit we sat at the counter as they were the only seats available. It allowed us to watch them prepare the burgers. Each patty starts out as a freshly ground ball of meat that is cooked longer than usual which gives the meat a thick, browned crust. The ball is flattened and turned and gets a thick chunk of Velveeta and is cooked to give the other side a browned crust.

When I took my first bite of my cheeseburger I almost burned my mouth as the meat was searing hot. I didn't mind as all quests must have an element of peril. I let it cool before taking my next bite. The burger was very tasty with the flavor of the cheese dominating. It's a burger that doesn't require a sauce condiment to make up for deficiencies in the patty. 

We then split their signature cheeseburger that is dressed with slaw, chili, and mustard. I found the flavors of the chili and slaw to be mild, plus some of the char was giving off a bitter taste. Overall we liked the cheeseburger dressed with our favorite toppings and I'll be adding Johnson's to my Honorable Mention list.

Cheeseburger with lettuce and onion with no condiments
Signature cheeseburger
Chili, slaw and mustard

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