The Quest

What is the Quest? 

The quest to find and eat the perfect cheeseburger began about 16 years ago, inspired by the cheeseburger I fondly remembered from my childhood that came from a roadside burger stand called The Dairy Bar in Chehalis, Washington.

My mission has been to find worthy cheeseburgers where I reside, as well as across the nation. The quest seeks out local and national burger chains, as well as one-of-a-kind roadside burger joints. The longer it has been in business, or the more unique it is, the better.

I'm accompanied on the quest by my stalwart and true husband known as Pooky. The quest has also inspired me to learn how to make a perfect cheeseburger at home.

What Makes a Perfect Cheeseburger?
My criteria for a perfect cheeseburger is as outlined:
  • Preferably medium rare cooked patty, or at least moist and juicy with a really good meaty flavor. If the meat manages to achieve a "creamy" quality it is absolute bliss!
  • Bun sturdiness and proper bun to patty ratio. No one likes bun failure or an out of balance burger.
  • Needs no condiments, like mayo, ketchup, etc. The exception is goop.
  • Original goop. Goop is the official term used in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up. It means a proprietary secret sauce. Goop is usually mayo and ketchup based. The goop must not compensate for any shortcomings of the meat.

The Worthiest Cheeseburgers 
Honorable Mentions


Dana Bincer said...

So, if you love cheeseburgers...does that mean your favorite song is Mr. Lunt singing about cheeseburgers?

I confess...I love a good grilling. My hubby's nickname is "flavor boy" because he loves spices...especially when grilling.

Good luck on your quest.

Jane Bond said...

Well, I like you even better now that I know you're from the Pacific Northwest. I love Seattle and would have moved there if only Sh*thead had asked me to. I also am quite fond of Portland, Oregon.

But on to "The Quest": have you ever tried FATZ? I know their OnYUM Burger is fabulous and I hardly ever order a burger anywhere. Maybe once every five, no, make that ten, years. Of course, if you've already tried FATZ and found them wanting in the burger department, I bow to your expertise and suggest you stick to the peanut butter pie.